General Question about the Range

General Question about the Range

Hi all,

I am excited to get back into shooting after a long hiatus. I live in Jersey and am happy to have found a range within reasonable travel time.

My questions: (and I apologize if they are dumb)

-I am mostly interested in the rifle range, maybe the pistol range too how many benches are available in each?
-do they fill up quick, I.E. is this a very busy range?
-are there suggested hours to avoid crowds and wait times?
-You are open to NJ residents, correct?
-are military style semi autos welcome? (I.E. AR-15 patterned rifles?)
-how are range hot/cold for target changes scheduled, just at the discretion of the firing line, or are they actually scheduled like every half hour, etc.?
-what kind of volunteer opportunities are available?
-can I have a guest (like my wife)

I apologize if some of these are kinda dumb. I live in NJ and the rules are very very strict, and seemingly with little logic. That is why I am asking before signing up!

Thanks in advance!